Canteen Management System With ERP Systems

There are many tasks in a college canteen that only the people handling the section can understand. Until recently, canteen management system was all about manual work. The college management had to completely handover the task of canteen organization to the staff, who, in most cases, misused inventory and cash. With ERP software system being introduced for college management, the handling and management of canteen has also improved. Today, the new canteen module in ERP system allows the management to set up an electronic and automated system for handling cash and inventory. As such, the overall productivity of the canteen, in most colleges that implemented ERP software, seems to have improved.
Although there are varied versions of campus related ERP software, the most advanced canteen module allows the management to set up accounts for meals and fix the amount of inventory. The management can also look into the regularity of operations and can link the canteen module to other modules of the college. The accounting of cash and books can be done transparently, while students will be able to even make payments on card and cash. There will automatically generated bills for every transaction that will never go unattended or uncalculated. In case, the inventory is mishandled, the management can question staff with the records of ERP software as proof.
The new Canteen Management System is all about being absolute with all transactions and deals. Colleges with multiple canteens in the same campus will find the need for ERP software to be essential.


Library Management System Redefined With ERP System

Managing the library of a large college or university can be a complicated and tacky task. Thanks to the introduction of ERP based system for educational institutions, the library management system has changed to a large extent. All software companies have ensured that the library module is compulsorily included in ERP based automation system, so that the college management can keep the records of library safely with proper systematization. There are many features that the new system of library management and organization through ERP will offer.
1. It helps to trace the basic records such as date of issue of a book and the date on which it has been returned. Students are offered a smart card that’s used extensively to keep records of each student specifically.
2. ERP module enables the college to maintain classification of all books, journals and dailies. This helps in checking the subscriptions of magazines and journals in a simplified manner.
3. The supplier details of all books, magazines and journals can be maintained separately. This further helps in making payments and checking of account balances.
4. The management and the librarian can get renewal alerts for magazines and journals without having maintained any kind of manual records.
5. The new Library Management System through ERP software also allows the college to keep a control on theft and mismanagement of books and materials. Students and teachers will get monitored access to the library and will have to pay the fines and penalties without fail. It can be a perfect way to make the library useful for everyone.

Hostel management system through ERP software

The hostel management system in a college or university is of prime importance to students, parents and teachers alike. Traditionally, the hostel module is often ignored, but thanks to the launch ERP automation software for colleges, the management of various institutions has taken this particular module seriously. The new system allows the concerned authorities to make blocks in hostels as per needs and manage accommodations. There are many things that can be done with the hostel module in the new system, some of which are mentioned below.
1. The new system allows the management to create descriptions and room numbers for all floors and blocks. This helps in setting the records right from the start.
2. The rooms in hostels often need to be arranged and rated according to rates and occupancies, and ERP based system allows just that. The management can set up the fees and facilities and can ensure that the terms and conditions of allotment are not compromised.
3. The consumption in mess by each student is generated, and the bills are made in the clearest way possible. Management of the hostels can offer transparent bills and costs.
4. ERP based systems help the college to keep complete attendance records of students, staff, teachers and mess workers. The new Hostel Management System has made it possible to mention the menu for mess on each day along with the details of students who have availed the mess. There are almost zero chances of negligence by staff and authorities with such software.

Student Management System in new ERP based College management

Colleges that use ERP software to manage their various activities, or in short, run their entire organization on such software, have an improved student management system. Other colleges and universities should look into the benefits of ERP based college management software as the new system offers a platform that will improve and strengthen the relations between the institution and students. The base and crux of any college are the students, and managing students is no easy task. The new ERP system will allow the management to keep a tight control over student activities.

The management of a college will be able to set a virtual campus where students can learn and know facts and notices without referring to the college notice board. There are options for deployment of mobile platform, where students can check every happening of the campus. Students will be able to check their results and exam schedules on their laptops and mobiles.

Also, the management will be able to take care of all divisions that deal with students such as examinations and admissions. The records and files of all departments that deal with students will be recorded on a secure system that will enhance the functioning of the entire enterprise. For large college or university, even maintaining the complete records of students in a perfect manner can be a Herculean task. With ERP software, the student management system can be upgraded to a new level that will be in terms of optimal utilization of resources at all levels.

A look at automated College Management System

Software companies around the globe have come up with automated ERP software that will replace the traditional college management system. The new system will have a virtual campus that will have automated jobs and tasks to enhance the overall productivity of the institution. Such ERP systems are results of dedicated research over many years, and there’s no denying that the results achieved by colleges and universities in various parts of the globe are more than satisfactory. Such an automated software system is designed for configuration and customization.
The new system for college management is much easier to handle. All the departments and functions will get under a central control system, which can be monitored by the top level management. The departments that are generally covered include accounts, payroll, canteen, inventory, and examinations. Needless to mention, the management can find faults within each department quite easily. Also, the regulatory authorities such as the trustees, tax department and the governing bodies can look into the accounts and can get information that’s accurate and absolute. There will be secure and scalable handing of data and the management will be able to trace mistakes and errors without any hassle.
Talking of the ERP software systems, one has also to praise the software companies for their efforts. Many ERP systems also have the facility to allow adding of some extra functional modules such as Interactive Voice Response System, Payment Gateway, E-Learning, Smart Card, and GPS. The new college management system is all about being efficient and cooperative at all levels.

Can ERP software systems change College management system?

A lot has been written about automated ERP software solutions for college management. Many colleges and universities have given their respective concerns and doubts, while there are others who have already implemented ERP based college management system. The new ERP software solution comes as a fresh change to traditional college management systems as it automates and regulates all departments and functions in a unique way. It’s quite obvious that ERP systems will need some kind of massive initial investment, but the benefits reaped from such a system are many.
Apart from automating desk jobs into a computerized system, the new system will help management to control and monitor working of various prominent divisions such as examinations, payroll, canteen, accounts, marketing, etc. Also, the overall productivity will be improved, and the costs of running the institution will come down. The new system will help the college management to set up a virtual system where students and regulatory bodies will be able to access and communicate with the college effectively.
ERP based solutions for educational institutions are gaining popularity by the day. The new system allows finding and rectification of errors, blunders and mistakes in a uniform manner, which helps to improve the individual performance of every department. College management systems with ERP software has been designed by popular software companies, who have spent years to ensure a high level of customization in these systems. With the right support from the parent software company, using ERP based automation solutions should not be a problem.

Necessity of Using Attendance management System in Offices or Educational Institutions

Install an Attendance Management System in your premises so that a log is created whenever a person comes or leaves the building. Regardless of the fact whether you run an educational institution or operate a business organization, you are responsible for the safety, security and health of your students or employees. You are especially responsible when they are present at your premises. If anything happens to them, you would be questioned. Hence, it is important that you have a track of their whereabouts. It is true that it is not possible for you keep a track on them personally.
It also helps to keep a tab on other activities of the students or employees, as well. If a student is regularly late or absent from the institution, you can warn him or call his parents to discuss by checking this online register. If you find an employee claiming about doing overtime, you can easily check the system to gauge the amount of truth in his claim. In order to make this system work efficiently, you need to train the users to sign in and log out accordingly. It is true that anybody can punch anybody else’s access card and give attendance. However, there is a way to prevent this practice, as well.
The best system is only available with the best service provider. Thus, you need to work on to find the best service provider, which you can do very easily if you research on the Internet properly. One needs to use the best Attendance management System available in the market in order to prevent any kind of misuse of the system.