Benefits of Library Management System through ERP

The ERP software has proved a boon for the management of large educational institutions such as universities and colleges for its different arenas be it admissions, hostel, accounts, canteen, transport etc. Besides these, ERP has played a very important role in library management system also. The colleges and universities have immensely benefitted from it reducing cost and complexity involved in managing huge libraries, increasing productivity and performance and better accountability on the part of library staff.
The use of ERP software helps the librarian and other staff members to manage library easily along with saving time. This allows the librarian to catalogue books and to maintain records of issued, reissued and overdue books easily. It consists of the comprehensive options for entering the information related to books, dailies and journals etc thus helping to maintain the complete library right from the transactions between student, staff and institute to issuing, returning and reissuing of books to maintaining membership information on one centralized server. Such software are fully integrated with smart cards so as when these cards are inserted in the card reader, all the corresponding details are displayed. This has eased and made the process of borrowing books error free for everyone.
In fact every little task which was done manually by library staff has been fully automated so as to smoothen the working of library along with bringing transparency in its functioning and improving trust between the students and the management. The need of the hour is to automate the library management system of campus which otherwise can be very labour intensive and time consuming.

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